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what has changed and what will change?

Thursday 24 september @ 12.00 – 13.30 CEST

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  • Who it concerns?
  • Buyer / Seller / Operator in the sector
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Recreation and tourism services are amongst the most affected by COVID-19.  The short-term impact on employment will be responsible for good part of the negative economic impact in all countries, even if they are not relying strongly on international tourism.  Hopes are that this is temporary and will be solved once the pandemic and the virus are under control.
The bigger question is:  which are the long-term effects of COVID on tourism?  Even once the pandemic is over, lasting changes are likely:  

  • Avoidance of crowding and over-tourism
  • Increased sanitary and hygiene demands
  • Resilience of local supply systems
  • Reduced international travel – at least for some years

This seminar analyses the experience from the summer season 2020 – which changes in consumer   behavior were detected, what failed and what worked well in the response, what are perspectives from the side of the tourism industry and destinations, and what is now critical for recovery?  Can we already learn lessons for the future that are important for the European Tourism Convention in October?


Mr. Tim Fairhurst ETOA

Ms. Marie Audren HOTREC

Mr. Eric Dresin ECTAA

Mr. Istvàn Ujhelyi European Parliament

Ms. Maria Elena Rossi ENIT

Mr. Tilman Sobek Mountain Bike Tourism Forum, Germany

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